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Technical Q&A

Which web browsers do I need to use Webtrade products?

The following browsers and versions are required to use
our trading and investing platforms.


latest version (automatically updates)


latest version (automatically updates)

Internet Explorer

latest 2 versions

Microsoft Edge

latest version (automatically updates)


latest version, Mac only not Windows (automatically updates)



Which operating system do I need to download your app
onto my iPhone or Android phone or tablet?

Apple requires the following iOS versions:

• iPhone/ iPad 5S – iOS 4
• iPhone/ iPad 6 or 6S – iOS 4.7
• iPhone/ iPad 6 plus – iOS 5.5

Android devices

Need to up be updated to one of the 3 latest versions



Activate remote technical assistance

Sometimes the best way to help solve a problem is to show you how.
If this is the case, we can access your computer by remote technical assistance.
Sessions are encrypted, password protected and cannot be restarted.
Remote technical assistance is available Monday to Fridays 06:00 – 16:00 GMT

If you are asked to activate remote technical assistance by our support team

1. Click connect


2. Click save

3. Go to the bottom left hand side of your screen and click QS-idc execute.

4. This window will now open. Tell us the ID number and we will connect to your computer.

We advise that you do not leave your computer during these sessions and ensure the session has ended before you do walk away.

Personal assistance

Please leave us your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Preferred contact hours